In our earlier writings the family and I used the name Fargondha Malikzadah. Seen the fact that on the internet she is being referred to by the name Farkhunda Malikzadah I will use this name from now on. It is the English version of her name.

The Dutch government investigated the case of Farkhunda Malikzadah on our behalf. The result was that the Dutch government thinks the family of Farhunda is save. The Afghanistan government protects the family.

In the name of the family this statement:
,, A bom was placed on the grave of our Farkhunda Malikzadah. By know Muslim ritual our family would have visited the grave after seven days. Luckily enough the bomb was discovered and we are not hurt or killed, so far. We are prisoners in our own country. It is not possible to live our normal lives anymore. The children cannot go to school or university. The adults cannot go to their work anymore. Further social life is also not possible anymore. We are in a total lock down. Isolated.”

To give this people a chance to have a voice and a life, we kindly ask the free world to honor the death of Farkhunda Malikzadah and let her voice speak throughout the family so her death is not the end of her struggle for woman rights in Afghanistan. We also would like to point out to the fact that the father of Farkhunda Malikzadah was a translator for the joint ISAF in Afghanistan. We kindly ask the responsible countries to resolve this matter of highest urgency before anymore blood been spilled.

On behalf of Saleh Rozbeh and his family,


Marcel Mulder

telephone +31 (0) 6 40383076